What we DO at Lead Toro?

At Lead Toro, we specialize in online payday and installment lead generation. Our personal loan marketplace allows consumers with a financial need to meet lenders.

We pride ourselves on our ethical business principles. We work hard to vet lenders in our marketplace for compliance with laws and good lending practices. If a consumer has complaints or issues with loans obtained through lenders from the Lead Toro marketplace, we strongly encourage them to contact the Online Lenders Alliance Consumer Hotline at 1-866-299-7585.

Our founding members bring more than 30 years of industry experience to the business. Our team of seasoned professionals pride themselves on integrity and honesty.

What's our WHY at Lead Toro?

Mission Statement

To help solve consumers’ financial hardships by introducing them, through our lead marketplace, to lenders suited to fit their financial need.

Vision Statement

To meaningfully contribute to the lending industry by offering innovative solutions that create a community of financially savvy members by helping them navigate through financial hardship.


We pride ourselves on providing lenders consumers actively seeking financial assistance. Lead Toro provides high quality leads due to our industry leading fraud detection tools. The sophistication of our filtering process allows lenders to maximum conversion rates. Contact Lead Toro for quick lead integration so you can purchase organic & exclusive leads. Lenders should contact info@leadtoro.com for on-boarding!


Lead Toro strives to provide publishers and affiliates with the highest payouts in the industry. Lead Toro’s lender coverage is second to none and allows for the most ideal placement of leads and traffic. Due to our internal compliance checks and regular audits, Lead Toro monitors its buyers to prevent dubious marketing attempts on unsold traffic. Affiliates and publishers should contact ops@leadtoro.com to get started today!


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What are the requirements to become an Affiliate?
All affiliates and publishers, as part of our internal compliance controls, are asked to fill-out a Vendor Questionnaire as part of the Know Your Customer.